All the metals exist in different alloys. Alloys are the different forms of a single matter that is their difference if the basis of their shape or other properties. Aluminum is considered to be an important metal and it exists in different alloys.

The alloys aluminum 6061 and 7075 have great importance this page here is available that has all the important information regarding the aluminum 6061 and 7075 and if you want to select this for your project you can choose after getting this information. There are different comparisons between these two alloys some of which are discussed here

Differences between aluminum 6061 and 7075

Alloy series & Chemical Make-up

The difference between alloy 6061 and 7075 is that it has a difference in the number designation. As can be seen that aluminum 6061 has the 6XXX series of the aluminum alloy grades and aluminum 7075 has the 7XXX series of the aluminum alloy grades.

This is the main difference between the aluminum 6061 and 7075. By knowing this it is clear that the aluminum 6061 has more silicon and the aluminum 7075 has a greater. Amount of zinc. With all this information it is clear that both the aluminum 6061 and 7075 have the same magnesium content. Aluminum 7075 has a greater quantity of copper in its chemical makeup.

Mechanical properties

Both the aluminum 7075 and 6061 have heat treatment. The Technical Features of aluminum 7075 and aluminum 6061 cannot be compared without assuming the same type of heat treatment. When we look at both the 6061 and 7075 aluminum in T-6 condition you will see the difference. You will observe that 7075-T6 has a tensile strength of double that of the 6061-T6. 7075-T6 has a shear strength of around 1.5. 6061-T6.

Fabrication consideration

When the aluminum 6061 and the aluminum 7075 are fabricated the aluminum 6061 always has an edge over the aluminum 7075. This is a focusing difference between the aluminum 6061 and aluminum 7075. This is because the aluminum 6061 is less hard and the tensile strength.

The tensile strength means that aluminum 6061 is easy to form than aluminum 7075. 6061 aluminum is weldable when both the materials join by adhesives but 7075 aluminum is not weldable in such a case.

A proper weld filter should be taken to weld the 6061 aluminum. Aging and the post-weld treatment are required to get the weld area back to the T-designation. When 7075 aluminum is welded it is pored to cracking. This is the important difference between the two alloys.

Reliability and ductility

This is a most important property that is seen in most of the alloys of aluminum. The aluminum 6061 and 7075 both show malleability and ductility. Studies have shown 6061 is more ductile which is why it is used in making gears and other properties. Whereas the 7075 is more fallible and it is airplane manufacture and other areas where the alloys are required


The strength of these two alloys varies a lot. The 6061 is greater in strength as compared to the 7075. It provides more flexibility Due to more flexibility over the 7075 it is used in the manufacturing of different items that require more flexibility.


Aluminum is always considered to be one of the great metals. It has shown different properties. The alloys of aluminum like 7075 and 6061 are always in contrast with each other. They have shown good use as compared to the other alloys. There are a lot of differences between these two alloys and you would be able to get good information about some of the differences between aluminum 7075 and 6061 in a great manner in this article.


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