A little known fact about the pressure washer is that it was an accidental invention when inventor Frank W. Ofeldt found out that his portable whiskey’s steam outlet when pointed down, the wet steam could move away from the grease on the greasy floor, an accidental discovery that triggered the idea for a pressure washer. Pressure washing has since moved to become the preferred way of washing most surfaces, both in the commercial and domestic setup. Pressure washers can be classified by how their pumps are powered; gas engine or an electric motor.

The gas engine and electric motor pressure washer.

The pump in a pressure washer is either powered by an engine or an electric motor. Moreover, the engine’s power or motor is often rated in horsepower, which is the HP rating written on the machine’s description. Gas-engine powered pressure washers have a shorter life span than electric motor pressure washers. Gas engine pressure washers can have a cleaning lifespan of between 300-3000 hours, while electric motor-powered machines last much longer.

The electric pressure washer

The electric in pressure washer means that an electric motor powers the pump in the machine. Some of the advantages of electric motors over the gas engine are that they are silent, have low maintenance, and have no exhaust, meaning that they can be used in closed environments. Moreover, electric motors are usually compact and portable, making them a preferred device in pressure washers. The HP in pressure washers is different in gas and electric motor powered pressure washers; a low-priced electric pressure washer might be rated as 1HP, which corresponds to 3HP in gas-powered washers.

The Giraffe tools Electric Pressure Washer.

Pressure washers continue to evolve due to market demands and improvements in technology. Moreover, Giraffe Tools is one of the leading and most innovative companies in the pressure washing business. The Electric Pressure Washer is one of the highest-rated machines in the company’s inventory, and here is why.

Basic ratings

The Electric Pressure Washer is rated at 1600MW, and it produces a maximum of 2175 PSI 1.3GPM water flow, meaning that the machine has sufficient pressure to remove any stubborn and crusty grime quickly and with ease.


  • All in one storage. Giraffe Tools Electric Pressure Washer has a telescopic handle and wheels, making it easy to move. Moreover, it has a water inlet filter and a built-in storage compartment, meaning that it can store accessories neatly, and the power cord will be tangle-free.
  • Four mode nozzle. The Electric Pressure Washer is equipped with four different water flows due to its four quick-connect nozzles (00,150, 250, and 400). Therefore, users can choose a nozzle that best corresponds to the task at hand.
  • Total stop system. The Electric Pressure Washer saves energy from its TSS, which automatically shuts the water pimp when it is not triggered, saving energy. Moreover, the machine’s built-in overheating and protection device adds to its safety and durability.


The Electric Pressure Washer is marketed for domestic use, and the cleaning scenarios are home, car, driveway, and patio. The machine comes at a pocket friendly price of $189.99, delivery is free within 3 to 7 days, and the product has a 2-year warranty. Nevertheless, an electric pressure washer is the way to go for any pressure cleaning needs, and Giraffe Tools Pressure Washer is the machine of choice.


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